The popularity of innovative designs can be attributed to the power of creativity. The intention of every website is to engage the incoming traffic as long as possible. Creative designs are often the best means to establish this. These designs differ from conventional patterns and are visual treats to bored eyes.


Who are your target customers? How do you direct them to you? If they are Youtube viewers, start making your viral Youtube videos… If they are professionals, explore them on LinkedIn.Be quick in identifying needy customers and reaching out to them to drive them home to your website. Rewarding marketing tools are those that reach the right customers rather than reaching everyone.


When you succeed in directing traffic to your website, it becomes important to measure the traffic. There are a number of tools that helps you assess the flow and determine if you are doing well. You can estimate relevant traffic by ascertaining the amount of time spent by each person on different pages. There are a number of comprehensive tools available online to accurately estimate this flow.


Once you build in traffic and measure it successfully, the only part left is to enhance it gradually, till it reaches the peak point. This can be done in many ways, and it is easier when you have a steady flow and credibility. INTUISYZ focuses on enhancing traffic flow consistently and we have been successful in promoting a number of websites by increasing the available flow.


Different businesses have different needs,
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