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Scrolling through the Facebook feed has become a daily chore for people around the globe. The marketing legends have understood this specific trend and implemented it into their benefits. The Ads on Facebook have a vast reach amongst all kind of consumers. The Facebook ad features allow targeting the audience with exact demographic, location and interests you were looking for. This form of advertising is excellent on the budget since the payments have to be made only to reach the potential consumer. But before doing that one needs to understand the types of advertising which are available and select the best suited for his business.


  Photo Ads


A captivating eye photograph is the critical element of a photo ad. Since pictures attract a lot more attention than words, it is bound to be

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   Video Ads


A tiny video showcasing your brand is streamed in the Facebook feed. The video has to be interesting enough to grasp people’s attention.

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  Carousel Ads


This is an intriguing feature where up to 10 photos or videos and showcased together to enlighten people regarding the product and 

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   Slideshow Ads


These are a collection of photos or videos which play in an eye-catching motion but a relatively low bandwidth so it loads easily with 

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 Messenger Ads


A vast number of people have started making their conversations on messenger, so it is also a global platform for the advertising industry.

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    Dynamic Ads


These are the kind of ads which appear when a customer has viewed a particular product on the brand’s website or added it to the cart and

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