How To Design For A Particular Target Audience

In every area of your business you should have your target audience in mind. You should think about targeting the correct audience in every design process to ensure you are heading down the right path. The best way to find out your target audience is to discover your niche.

How to identify your target audience?

The first step is to do a research on your audience. A general research of audience demographic – age, sex, geography. If you have got the basic demographic data,  then find out what are their needs and interests. This is simply find out through a thorough survey, looking at your competition or reading industry publications.  Nowadays people want to know what a certain thing can do for them. Therefore, in designing a website, try focusing on the benefit that your audience can rip from your website.

Designing for your target audience

When designing for your target audience, there are web design elements that must be taken into consideration, just like in the case of any other design project: layout, font, color choice and content.

1. Hierarchy

Hierarchy helps to arrange information from most important to less important. Placing the higher important content at the eyes level will attract visitors attention and will make them concentrate on the information conveyed by that content. Copy, info graphic, image or audio content are featured on your website to communicate a message.


When designing for your target audience, it is important to think about the layout you will be implementing for the website. Ask yourself that, What information are they searching for most? Where will they go next? These questions will help you to organize the structure of the website.

3. Color

Colors play an important role in web design. Each color can convey a certain idea. Choosing the right color for the website is not a simple task. There various factors to be considered: the demographic of the target audience, the message the designer wants to communicate, the feelings that associate with the brand, and etc. Knowing all this can make easier to identify the color palette.

4. Font

Fonts have their share in targeting your website audience. If the website focuses a younger audience, you can use a fun scripted font, while a corporate website would use more conservative font. Google fonts has a wide variety of font collection that suits any taste and project purpose.

5. Content

It depends on the people you are targeting. If you are designing a website for children, your content will be fun and playful, with easy words and short sentences. Whereas, when you design a business website, you will be using industry specific terminology in your copy.

When designing a website you must consider all the effects it will have on your target audience. You must make all efforts to please your audience.