How to Start a Digital Marketing Business in India

There have been a very high percolation of Internet users and mobile phone users in India in the recent past due to the technical advancements in the field. There are purportedly more than half a billion Internet users in the country today. 

It has also been observed that big corporations are already investing in digital and mobile marketing in the country. They are doing this to reach a wider audience and also because this is a much cheaper form of advertising. 

It is, therefore, the best time to start a digital marketing business in India. Let us see the advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing:

· Traditional marketing is much more expensive compared to digital marketing. Digital marketing, on the other hand, is very cost-effective. 

· When using traditional marketing, it is not possible to reach out to a targeted audience. Digital marketing allows the use of data analytics to target the specific audience that will buy your products.

· When using digital marketing, you can typically plan the budget according to the relevant customers, but this is not possible in traditional marketing.

· Digital marketing involves promoting the product or service via the Internet compared to door-to-door, TV, print media, telemarketing methods in traditional marketing. 

It is worthwhile to start a digital marketing business in India at these times because the digital marketing industry is worth close to $ 70 billion. Moreover, the number of mobile Internet users has crossed way above 100 million users with over a quarter residing in rural areas. Digital marketing is the best and easiest way to reach across to these users. 

Now that we know that it is worthwhile to start a digital marketing business in India. If you have been toying with the idea of starting a digital marketing agency business in India, and have been asking questions like ‘how to start digital marketing business quora’ on your browser, we have attempted to list out how to start your marketing agency in the following passages. This is done to make things easier for you.

Step #1: Niche is important

The very first step is to pick out a niche industry. Work out the product or service so that you can get the required attention from your targeted audience. Then go about setting the best pricing model for that industry, product/service. 

Step #2: – Create a website for your company

The next step is to create a good-quality website to promote your product or service when you have decided to start a digital marketing business in India. Ensure that the content in the site is of high quality as this is the first and important step towards building a successful business. 

Also, ensure that you choose a good brand name because that is going to stick with you forever. Go for an original name that conveys your vision and defines your product or service to the audience. Choose a preferred domain name also (.com, .in, etc.).

Alongside this, you can get your business card designed to hand over when you meet potential clients and influencers. These are effective direct marketing tools that can be handed out during conferences, trade shows, business centres, etc. 

Step #3: Create social media profiles

The next step is to create business accounts of your digital marketing agency in all the popular social media. Ensure that you add some high-quality viral content that is likely to become popular quickly. 

Step #4: Apply for Google certification 

Become a Google partner. This is Google’s program for digital marketing professionals, advertising agencies, and some other consultants that work online. 

The advantages of becoming a Google partner include getting access to a host of benefits, including an invitation to special events, training, certifications, access to industry research, etc. 

Step #5: Take up projects

At the start, before you build up a reputation, you can pick up digital marketing projects from freelancer sites that come your way. Upwork and Truelancer are some of the sites where you can search for work. They will have several projects listed by startup clients. Over time, you can also pick up bigger projects listed by experienced seekers. 

Step #6: Register, the company in India

It is a good idea to first register your firm in the ‘sole proprietorship’ category. Later you can think of converting it into a private limited firm as it grows bigger. 

Step #7: Start with impressive content

It is best to first create a stunning blog related to your industry. If possible, get hold of spectacular images to support your blog. You can also try guest blogging. Alternately, you may include ppt and pdf submissions that get you quality backlinks from authority websites. 

Step #8: Create landing pages with your best projects

Run an AdWords campaign along with creating the landing pages. You can include projects that you are currently handling, live examples as well as past successful projects. 

Step #9: Inbound marketing is key

Learn more about inbound marketing by registering yourself on sites that allow you to learn more. You can even appear for basic exams that will help you to learn more thoroughly. 

Step #10: Long-term relationships

In every step that you take to set up your digital marketing agency in India, one point should be very clear: you should strive in every possible way to maintain a long-term relationship with your client. This is important for the survival and sustenance of your digital marketing enterprise in India. 

Growth of Digital Marketing Business in India

The ease with which the Internet can be accessed has increased. This has consequently increased the volume use of mobile phones, laptops and other devices leading to the growth of business and other channel services. This medium is now a full-fledged market and is also the primary source for tracking information as well. With the increased purchasing through mobile phones, the digital marketing business has grown full strength year on year. In the next few paragraphs, we will trace the growth of digital marketing business in India.

Currently, the digital business market is growing at a rate of 25% in India (annually). With more than half a billion Internet users that were recorded at the end of the year 2018, this segment is poised for big-time growth. It is also a known fact India has the largest number of Facebook users in the world. 

In the light of all these facts, if you have been playing with how to start a digital media company in your mind, now is the best time to start it in India and you can make it big in the near future.

Products/Services Advertisements – Then and Now

The earliest methods used to sell products and services included door-to-door sales, word-of-mouth publicity, radio announcements, print media advertisements, etc. 

These were the traditional methods that were employed. 

When the Internet came into the picture, the marketing tools transformed into what they are today. It now became easier to penetrate a wide section of the audience with minimum effort. With the number of mobile and laptop users increasing by leaps and bounds, digital marketing is the future in which goods and services will be seen and traded.

One of the earliest instances of online marketing was when the Michael Aldrich shopping system came into existence. Soon it was followed by Thomson Holidays UK and IndiaMART B2B in the year 1996. 

However, with the launch of the Flipkart e-commerce site in 2007, digital marketing came full circle. Over the years, this industry has emerged as a full-grown industry from a fledgeling status. 

India Government’s Intent

From just 60 million online shoppers in the year 2016, this number has grown to 100s of millions in the last couple of years. With the launch of the government’s Digital India mission in the year 2015, there has been an enhanced interest from the government’s side to improve infrastructure and digital empowerment of the country’s peoples. 

Start-ups have mushroomed and more services by players to connect people through the Internet is rife in the country. There are more mobile users and active Internet users and subscribers in the country. 

The emergence of Digital Marketing Agencies

For those that have a digital marketing agency business plan on the anvil, the following paragraphs will surely give a fillip to their plans. 

Now being a separate business genre, it has been observed that every business, whether big or small, contemplates on how to reach out to a global audience as soon as it is launched. This is because most purchases are made online through mobile phones, and if you do not have a digital marketing strategy and mobile-friendly website of your product/service today, you will be left behind because your business or service will not be visible to many of the seekers. 

This is the precise reason why websites and blogs, SEO strategies, marketing campaigns, etc., have penetrated so deeply into society today. If you have sound skills, imaginative thinking, and know what will work for a digital marketing business to thrive, you can be the next one to start the next online revolution. 

For your business/service to stand out and be visible, among other digital brands, you need to have experts that will create the required social standing. Over the last decade, many digital marketing experts have thus emerged to cater to the needs of this industry. 

Experts in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a genre of business in which both technical as well as non-technical skills are needed. By starting a digital marketing business in India, you will end up creating a variety of job roles in which the talented can be employed. There are many talented technical professionals here in India. Therefore, with the right intent, a digital marketing business can flourish and create experts in the fields of website designing, web development, graphic designing, content writing, and creative arts, among others. This will generate additional venues for employment for those qualified and contribute to the Indian economy. For you, the digital marketing agency income can be sizable. 

The future for digital marketing businesses in India

The ROI for businesses in India from the digital platform has exceeded what was being earned from the traditional platform. Most businesses, both old and new, are shifting to digital platforms and becoming more empowered in that direction for fear of losing out and making most out of the current facilities. 

With approximately 70% per cent of the population interested in making their purchases online, e-commerce websites are thriving. This is the current status even though 2/3rd of the population has no access to the Internet. 

As figures stand, marketers have started to realize that digital marketing in India has some key benefits compared to traditional marketing methods in today’s times. Drastic changes in marketing methods with emphasis on the needs of the customer, government’s digital initiatives easing up bottlenecks, ease of reaching out to global audiences, the spread of digital revolution even top small towns, and the fact that rates are becoming more affordable are spurring businesses to go the digital way. 

Digital Marketing Agency Business in India – Business Plan & Documents

For starting a digital marketing agency business in India, you have to set it up in any one of the following structures: 

  • Proprietorship concern, 
  • Partnership firm, 
  • LLP firm, 
  • Private Limited Company

For the registration of any of these business structures, you need to submit personal KYC documents as well as KYC for the business address that you intend to set up. 

Proprietorship Concern

It is the easiest used method to set up a small business. You have to submit your PAN number for registering the firm. 

When you file your tax returns for the proprietorship concern, you would be filing your returns under the Business Income category. You will be taxed accordingly and also derive the benefits for the different slab rates that are prescribed for you. 

Partnership Firm

This method of registration is popular in India. There is no need for financial reports. However, tax returns have to be filed. Financial reports are required when the constitution of the concern is changed.

LLP Firm

If you set up your digital marketing agency using the LLP business structure, it is the same as a partnership firm with the additional benefit of limited liability. This is helpful in the case of insolvency of an LLP will not affect the personal property of the partners provided it is not guaranteed by the partners.

When registering the name of the LLP firm should be unique, and there should not be any other company or trademark registered with the same name under the digital marketing business category.

Private Limited Firm

This structure incorporates the advantages of a private company as well as that of an LLP firm. The business structure has to be properly understood before forming this structure. There have to be shareholders and directors appointed in this business structure. The shareholders provide the capital necessary to start and run the business. The directors bear the responsibility of running the business effectively. The director and the shareholder can be the same person. The directors are eligible to draw a salary for the work done. Stock option facilities can be provided to the employees. 

Registering a Digital marketing Business – Documentation

The following KYC documents (from individuals) have to be kept ready for submission when starting a digital marketing business in India. This is true for any of the above business structures.

  • Pan 
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank statement with the present address
  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Mobile number
  • Email id

Documents for the Business Address

  • Electricity Bill
  • NOC
  • Rental Agreement

Here’s wishing you all the best in your digital marketing agency endeavours.