The Future of Digital Marketing

With a parallel virtual world around us, all it takes is one look at the tech-savvy generation, and it is crystal clear that the future is in digital. This is where digital marketing comes to play as the marketing strategy of the future. As futuristic as it may seem, digital marketing has been around us for decades way before the advent of smartphones. That’s right; we are looking at an ocean of opportunities that revealed itself in front of us back in the days of Guglielmo Marconi- The man who engineered long-distance radio communication.

What exactly is digital marketing?

Simply put, it is marketing via an electronic device. This definition clarifies the unbreakable connection of Marconi to this promising field. Getting the message out to people who needed services or products is the primary goal of any organization and marketing is what helps them do it. Taking advantage of the huge number of electronic communication devices used by humans, what better way is there to spread the message than displaying this message on the numerous screens men have their eyes on?
This is what digital marketing is all about—getting customers to see the product services offered by companies with or without them actually realising it.

The evolution of Web 1.0 in the late eighties gave a new face to digital marketing it was in that period that the term itself was coined. Today with over one billion mobile phone users right at hand with ever-increasing numbers, the potential for digital marketing in India is skyrocketing. Tapping this potential gives rise to numerous career opportunities for enthusiasts and dream-come-true publicity for entrepreneurs.

What makes digital marketing popular?

Majority of the population has access to the internet, which is the primary mode of digital advertising. With a greater number of mobile users, the impact radius of companies widens exponentially creating a larger customer base that translates into better sales.

Digital marketing has lifted the demographic constraint that companies have been battling with over the decades. Customers in need, however far they are, receive advertisements for products offered by a certain company and can avail services just by clicking on a few buttons. It makes the job of the client much easier, and so does it benefit the organisations. Speaking of changing demographic barriers also means globalisation of businesses. Otherwise, unattainable levels of popularity and customers come as a major advantage of digitalisation.

Digital marketing is economically soothing to business owners than traditional marketing where they have to deploy huge amounts of manpower which could barely cover a fraction of the customers that a company could possibly get. With online marketing strategies backed up by strong AI algorithms, institutions could directly target vulnerable customers and send ads to them, which ensures greater chances of the product being purchased.

The support from the central government with its digital India initiative is promising in many ways as it helps take the internet to even the rural parts of the nation. This means that it isn’t just the metropolitan cities that are being targeted, but also the otherwise ignored rural India also comes into the perimeter.

High rates of social media usage by young adults and teenagers makes it easy for organisations to target them with products of their liking. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter et cetera are platforms that are widely used by people and hence are ideal for setting the stage for a marketing revolution.

Future Of digital marketing in India 2020

Generating a whopping 160 billion rupees in revenue from digital advertising in just 2019, the prospects of it becoming the number one career generator as well in the country is really high. With a growth rate of over 30% and climbing, the sector is booming and currently is worth billions. Quality experts in the field are of huge demand in the current scenario. It also opens a door of possibilities for freelance workers.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms are a vital part of effective online advertising that is personalized to each user. This means an increase in job opportunities for data scientists and programmers capable of filtering and processing information to send feeds that are exactly what they are looking for.

With online shopping setting trends in metro cities and scaling out to a wider area along with it rises the scope of digital marketing.
The development of digital equipment in the nation’s rural areas has accounted for a massive increment in the number of people coming under the radar online marketing. Along with its population, the number of mobile phone users and social media users are climbing which further explicitly suggests that the future of online marketing in India is quite bright.

Learn Digital marketing
Institutions like digital Vidya, Internet Marketing school et cetera have come about in recent years seeing the potential for the field. Students interested can pursue courses in any of the reputed institutions while at the same time find numerous ways to grab information online. Prospective learners can look up courses in course era, Udemy or even YouTube serves well and good. And to look up in the net on this simply means to find a tonne of info, yeah, it is pretty popular!

Social Media Marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, search engine optimisation, web analytics et cetera are topics to be compulsorily covered to thrive in the digital world. Website promotion is another challenge to be tackled. Website and app development, AI, ML, deep learning, designing are all fields that can help you score a job at a digital marketing consultancy.

Teachers and mentors who are interested in taking sessions on the topic can always scour the net to retrieve well designed “future of digital marketing in India” ppts to share with students. Seminars, webinars, videos, ppts, anything and everything you need to know on this emerging field is up for grabs online.

Future of Digital Marketing agencies

Digital marketing agencies with quality staff members who can whip up contents worthy of customer time is a billion-dollar business opportunity without doubts. Looking the future in the eye, it is clear that the citizens henceforth are residents of a digital world which is why traditional marketing agencies are struggling to cope up. The expected turnover from digital marketing in a three-year span is more than double of what it is today.

The number of digital marketing agencies in India is growing by leaps and bounds as the need to drive internet traffic to websites of companies is crucial to their survival. Predicting the future of digital marketing agencies doesn’t seem challenging anymore, owing to the statistical backup that supports a glorious time to come. Agencies will be more focussed on customer satisfaction in the digital realm, development of quality ML algorithms that are personalized to the core, extensive SMM techniques etc.

Enhanced usage of chatbots and private messaging apps to connect the customer with the organisation is a key area of focus. Chatbot services are experimentally guaranteed to provide better customer satisfaction. Search Engine Optimization is taking a new face as Google introduces BERT- Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, which is a sophisticated deep learning algorithm that processes natural human language. This is a field requiring greater attention as the ability of machines to process language has been a concern in recent years.

The advent of digital assistants like Alexa, Siri etc. is another shot that companies get on knowing their customers. Active voice searches that disclose the personality of the consumer is key to creating feeds that match their desires.

We see companies better interested in a single software solution kind of approach. One tool that solves all issues is what the corporates are looking for. This essentially puts in demand the need to integrate various tools into a user-friendly environment that has a well encrypted back end that protects user privacy and prevents leakage of confidential data. This seems like a job for experts from a number of fields coming joining hands to attain a common goal.

Digital marketing consultancies are sure to offer fat paychecks to the skilled workforce that form the backbone of the industry. Hence, looking for a job in the field will be lucrative in planning for the future.
The age of Glocalization

Arising from the fusion of words having contradicting meanings, the term localization is very significant in the Digital Marketing sphere which aims to bring together globalization and localization. As much as people prefer goods that are available globally, personalized or specifically catered services do have their advantages. To join these two factors is what giant corporations around the world are looking forward to achieving. Expand business around the globe- globalize and deliver to people like it’s made for them- localize- the perfect marketing strategy!
There is no better alternative to achieve this goal than by pioneering in digital marketing, which is in no doubt – the future!