What is Digital Marketing?

Before leaping into digital marketing, let’s understand what lies in the core of marketing.

Marketing is about connecting with the right audience at the right time and place. Today with almost more than half of the world surfing on the internet, there is no other right place to market.

Your audience is on the net and technology allows you to scan the right time for presenting the products and services in front of them. When you take the first baby steps, you have already entered the world of digital marketing.

Let’s understand digital marketing in detail.

It may seem like a huge world, but digital marketing is simply marketing through online portals.

Using an electronic device to reach your prospects or customers to leverage your business is the easiest definition of digital marketing.

Every day we come across multiple ads in our social media handles, emails and even on the search engines. All of them are digital marketing examples.

Why should you opt for digital marketing?

As stated earlier, the traffic on the internet is growing with every passing day. You get to meet more people online than offline. Hence there is no other medium better than internet that can reach the customers.

Apart from this major benefit, digital marketing also has multiple other pros.

1.Multiple options– You can market through many means such as social media, emails, search engines, websites etc. It only takes a few clicks.

2. Affordable– Digital marketing is an investment rather than an expense. Most of the time, it is a one-time investment that reaps profits for eternity.

3. Reach the right person– Google analytics and other such tools are available to focus the right audience. Your ad is in front of people who are in search of the specific product or service; hence it is bound to increase the conversion rate.

4. Exposure- In this digital age, when even small deeds go viral, think about an effective advertising strategy that can attract attention. Sharing will provide ample exposure that is possible only through digital marketing.

5. Better conversation- The print media may have the phone number and address of a business. Still, it cannot create a dialogue between the customer and the business. It is not the case with digital marketing, where the response is instant to customer contention.

6. Build brand reputation– A catchy headline or an emotional post can catch people’s attention, and with the internet, it doesn’t take much time to spread the word. People will come to know about your business through a great ad strategy or the exceptional product you delivered. It might also be the overwhelming customer care service that you were able to provide. Hence with digital marketing, it is easy to make people notice the brand and also create trust.

7. Compete with big brands– We have all seen small businesses grow into huge brands. Today the period of the same lessens due to intensive digital marketing policies. With skilled staff and proper strategy, it becomes easy to achieve what a big bull in the industry has already done. Also, digital marketing helps you to know more about your competitions and inculcate their success strategies into your plan.

The above are only a few of the key advantages. Multiple other small pros will cross paths when you start the journey with digital marketing.

We already know the digital marketing definition and why it is crucial. Let’s now understand various digital marketing types.

Types of Digital marketing


Digital marketing is a vast platform that can take your business to unimagined places. But before choosing to go digital equipping yourself with a basic knowledge of the same is crucial.

Here are a few types of digital marketing.

Talk through content or content marketing- A quote saying ‘’content is the king’’ is quote famous and rightly so as it can grasp every attention. One of the principal types of digital marketing, content is about delivering a piece of quality content to the users to increase sales. It could be a tweet or a social media post describing your product or services. Everything is content marketing is sure to garner attention when done effectively.

A few digital marketing examples of this genre are blog posts, tweets, infographics, white papers etc.

Search engine optimization (SEO)– A ubiquitous word these days, search engine optimization or SEO is responsible for gathering traffic.

For example, you sell clothes but are seen mostly by people who are in search of fashion accessories. This kind of traffic is a waste and will do no good to your enterprise.

It is vital to gather organic traffic, i.e. only the people who are interested in your industry should see you more as they are relevant and are more likely to turn into customers. SEO is responsible for this deed of bringing in relevant traffic to the site.

By optimizing your content, it is possible to increase a steady stream of leads. Without SEO, it might be difficult for people to find you in the vast world of the internet.

Digital marketing examples of search engine optimization are:-

Including the relevant keyword in the post
Optimizing the title
Building backlinks
SMM or social media marketing Marketing through social media has become a universal norm. Almost all enterprises are active on social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. there are regular posts regarding new products or highlighting the unique features of old ones.

The most important part of social media marketing is that a business can attain instant response from the viewers. Constructive criticism that comes through social media posts can help the company to know the flaws, correct them and flourish. Also, it helps maintain a positive relationship with leads that may turn into a prospective customer in future.

When you combine content marketing, SEO and SMM it becomes a never-failing attempt to attract, engage and delight the leads and this methodology is called ‘’inbound marketing’’.

SEM or search engine marketing– In the earlier days search engine marking or SEM was a collective term used to phrase both paid and organic search traffic. But today the SEM has narrowed down to paid traffic.

Whenever you search for anything on a search engine say Google, many posts are abbreviated with an ‘’Ad’’ in front of them. These are the websites that pay the relevant search engine to be shown on the first page.

If you combine both SEO and SEM, there are more chances of organic traffic to visit your website and turn into customers.

Email Marketing Email marketing is one of the oldest types of digital marketing. Till today it is incredibly successful too.

A recent survey states that the average rate of the total number of business emails sent and received an increase at the rate of 4.4% every day. So, that’s the scope of email marketing.

You can do email marketing in multiple ways. A few examples are:-

Confirmation mail
Product in stock mail
Thank you emails
Newsletter campaigns
Event invitations
These numerous tools such as MailChimp, newsletter plugins are also available to help you assist with email marketing.

Affiliate Marketing- We all come across blogs that promote products and also have links to buy them. There is a short description of the pros and why you need it now. Readers can buy the product through the link, and the affiliate earns a commission in the process.

In simple words, it is like hiring a salesperson who lets people know about your brand and earns money whilst every successful transaction.

A few digital marketing examples of affiliate marketing are blog posts titled as

Top 10 kitchen utensils that you need now
5 types of kurtas every girl needs in her life.
5 electronic types of equipment you need for your home
Influence marketing– The concept of influence marketing is old, but a better version of the same prevails today. Earlier Bollywood celebs used to be the face of a brand. Many of the audience may or may not believe in them stating that it is their job and they are paid heftily for promoting them.

But today, with the emergence of Youtube and Instagram where there are many ordinary people creating quality content, brands are contacting them to try their product and advertise. These people are trusted more by the public as they use the products and spread their words.

This kind of marketing is called influence marketing as the ones who advertise are labelled as influencers. Influencers do receive some incentives from the brand as part of a digital marketing salary.

Viral Marketing- Now and then we hear the words ‘’trending’’, ‘’viral’’ etc. These are the hashtags referring to what people are watching, reading and sharing the most on the internet.

Viral marketing is about creating content that can go viral. The digital marketing definition of creating viral content is by involving social issues, spreading positivity, bringing a change and evolving content that brings a breath of fresh air amidst the negativity. Viral marketing can bring fame within no time. The reputation can be both negative and positive so create content that breathes life and doesn’t spread hatred.

Digital marketing is a tool to flourish if done effectively. Contact a major digital marketing company near you to embrace the change and be a part of it.